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African Translation Dubai | Best African Translator in Dubai

RLTS specialized in African translation services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Afrikaans is fundamentally the language of South Africa and Namibia yet it is additionally spoken in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, New Zealand, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and RLTS Translation Services recognizes the criticalness of English to Afrikaans Translation and Afrikaans to English Translation for individuals having a place with these pieces of the world.  


We are additionally mindful of the significance of gathering exacting courses of events while keeping up elevated expectations of value at moderate costs.

RLTS Legal Translation Services is the most trusted translation agency for English to African and African to English translations & Interpreting Services. We are among the leading translation companies focusing on providing top-notch translation services by our prepared, skilled, and specifically trained African Translators in Dubai. We are based in Dubai and have more than 10 years of expertise in the translation sector.

 African Translation in Dubai

RLTS Legal Translation Dubai gives you the chance to search for a variety of languages that are spoken at our residence. We have long provided our services to the people of Dubai and the area around it. We list every regional and global dialect. The Afrikaans, English, and Arabic languages have the most difficult dialects. Our business, legal, and official sector customers are among our top clients. 

 With your help, we have been working assiduously and enthusiastically in this area. Our English to Afrikaans translation team has a large number of accomplished document translators who specialise in translating a wide range of document types, including birth and death certificates, marriage licences and divorce judgments, diplomas and transcripts, as well as any other Afrikaans document you may require translated. We can now translate between Afrikaans and more than 150 other languages! Request a free estimate now!







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