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We provide audio and video equipment in Dubai and the UAE.

For all of your business and personal needs, we provide a large choice of audio visual equipment rental in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We rent sound systems, video conferencing devices, PA systems, video walls, projectors, LCD panels, and other audiovisual equipment. Without charging extra, we also handle the shipping and installation. To rent AV equipment in Dubai, give us a call right away.

Do you have trouble communicating with your respected audience when holding a global event? Allow RLTS Translation Services’ top-notch Audio Visual (AV) tools to help you. Several factors need to be taken into account in order to make your event memorable from beginning to conclusion. The AV technology you choose will determine how well your event goes. 

A wide range of equipment, such as intensifiers, projectors, screens, and remotes, is available for a high-quality presentation of your workplace event. The best AV equipment is offered by translation services, which are highly professional and help you overcome the language barrier with your customers. Along with offering several media frameworks, PTS counsellors offer advice on event planning and improved equipment operation.

For its clients who are telecasting their events, RLTS Translation Services offers top-notch AV hardware to robust broad media. With a wide range of equipment, such as amplifiers, projectors, screens, and remote controls, we strive to make your event memorable from beginning to end. 

We deliver the best interpretation of your voice using simultaneous and consecutive mode and cutting-edge technology. 

We are fervently professional. Along with offering several media frameworks, our counsellors offer advice on how to organise the event and improve the operation of the equipment. events or courses that need translation If you want to turn your event into a success story, Prime Translation Services has you covered. 

Whether it’s a business event or a private one, we provide top-quality AV Hardware in Dubai to make your presentation compelling and fascinating. Make an appointment by contacting us!







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