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Services for General Certified Legal Translations

We offer general legal translation services worldwide.


RLTS Translation Services offers generic translation services in Dubai for any linguistic issues. Our goal is to offer you generic translation services throughout the UAE. There will be information available in more than 200 different languages. We have been growing our offerings on the global market.

We currently have a wide variety of clientele from both the domestic and global sectors as a consequence. We have well over a thousand happy customers, and we are continually growing our translation services. 

Additionally, a variety of functions are offered, including seminar translation services. All UAE clients from various nations and cities together may use this service.

Trusted agency providing Document Translation Services with high accuracy in Dubai
Trusted agency providing Document Translation Services with high accuracy in Dubai
High Quality Legal Translation services by 150+ certified Legal translators who deliver accurate Legal Translation in 271+ major languages at low cost.

Accuracy and promptness: 

We also offer the greatest services. Our clients are entirely delighted with our service because of our reliable and timely performance. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the calibre or timeliness of our work, and we value our relationships with customers. One of the well-known organisations in Dubai if you need a translation is RLTS translation services. We have specialists and professionals on staff who are some of the best translators in the UAE. To succeed in the sector of legal translation services in Dubai, they work much too hard.

We provide our translation services in a variety of tongues:

Many different linguistic specialists work for our translation services. Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish translation services are now performed in Dubai by our trained translators. Additionally, the business sector, where our services are highly appreciated, has seen an improvement in quality. In Dubai, we offer the most excellent and original translation services.

Services for digital translation in Dubai

Connecting with our customer support specialists is also very important since they can provide you the greatest information about our services. You may start a formal discussion with an online agent who will answer any additional inquiries you may have regarding legal translation services in Dubai. By visiting our website, you can easily get a free quote for yourself online.

Medical billing translation services are also available from us in Dubai. We interpret medical records, billing statements, and other papers pertaining to medicine. Any language you desire can be added to your paper. We also translate papers from English to Arabic, as well as other languages, if you need them translated into Arabic for use in Dubai. We offer translation services for more than 90 different languages.

Translation services from Arabic to English in Dubai:

We value language and understand the impact of small mistakes that might obliterate all of your materials. We have legal professionals that can manage any challenging circumstance and make the procedure simple for you. In Dubai, we offer translation services from English to Arabic.

Quick Translation Services

The translation of documents requires qualified translators. With each customer receiving a translator, our industry professionals operate extremely effectively. The customer ends his speech with this, and the expert translator follows with a perfect translation. Furthermore, we offer our clients the choice of working in more than a hundred different languages.

Certified Legal Translation

Over 75 languages can be translated into at the highest professional level by our qualified legal translators, linguists, and proofreaders. For more than 100 languages, including French, German, Russian, Chinese, and English, Certified Best Legal Translation in Dubai. Dubai offers interpreting services. Legal Translation Services in Dubai and Legal Translation in Dubai are essentially the same thing. We are a translation company situated in Dubai that specialises in professional legal, technical, marketing, and interpreting services, among other things.







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