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Consecutive Interpretation Services by RLTS in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Here is where Dubai’s consecutive interpretation comes into play. There are two popular styles of interpretation. In Dubai, one is simultaneous interpretation and the other is sequential interpretation. The interpreter stands on the stage alongside the speaker during successive interpretation. It differs from simultaneous interpretation in that the speaker may continue to talk for a longer period of time without interpretation (up to five minutes). 

The interpreter then interprets what the speaker has said in the audience’s selected language once he or she takes a break or finishes speaking. The translator’s job is to simply translate what the speaker has said, not to memorise the entirety of the speech. Because of this, the translator uses shorthand to take notes before delivering the message in the same manner as the speaker.

The interpreter translates what is being said after the speaker has finished speaking for a few minutes or fewer. This technique is known as consecutive interpretation. The majority of individuals are accustomed to this kind of interpretation since it occurs frequently, particularly during official conferences and meetings. Usually, the translator is seated next to the speaker on stage. Instead of translating exactly from one language to another, the speakers will occasionally employ their own words or phrases.

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However, there are times when the speaker will make their point almost instantly before waiting for the interpreter to explain it. Without any pauses or interruptions, the speaker keeps delivering his message for up to five minutes. Once the speaker has finished speaking or taken a break, the interpreter interprets what was said into the audience’s preferred language.

For the translation of any text or document into more than 100 different languages, RLTS Translation is your one-stop shop. There is always a need for translations because the UAE is a country with a diverse population of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. It could be necessary to translate events from Arabic to English or vice versa, as well as any economic transactions or legal paperwork. At Translation Office Dubai, we have selected some of the top linguists who can translate from Arabic and Urdu to English as well as vice versa. Our translation services in Dubai offer translation for a variety of occasions when a flurry of several languages is necessary, not simply for formal work or paperwork.

A firm in Dubai called RLTS Translations provides services for all kinds of papers in more than 170 languages. Its staff consists of native speakers, and the translation of subject-specific papers is offered following assessment by subject-matter specialists and editing by proofreaders. The business offers its services both domestically and internationally. Along with translation, it provides several more auxiliary services. For instance, website localization and document attestation services. It also makes it easier for people to obtain UAE attestations for papers from other countries. For instance, Translation Office Dubai will assist you in obtaining the attestation of your Pakistani papers from UAE official agencies.







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